Will Zégal : Machines, computer, synths, FX
Léo Neveu : Diatonic accordion, MIDI accordion
Youenn Nedeleg : Breton bagpipe

Breton music has always kept to innovate, change and renew itself. Based on traditions and roots, it often feed itself with other sources of inspirations, some from other traditions, some from actual musics.

BHT was born in 2014 from the will of making both a Breton and electronic music, to bring electronic sounds and groove in Breton music and the power of Breton instruments and the richness of Breton themes to electronic music.

The goal of BHT musicians is to bring a new audience to Breton music and Breton music to new audiences. Most of all, we all want party, move, dance and have fun, altogether with the dancers, anyhow they like to dance.

BHT has played it’s very first concerts in late 2014, and they already where on large scenes. In 2015, BHT has played fifteen gigs with some prestigious ones like Lorient Interceltic festival.

In 2016, BHT will play at least 30 times. The band had a tour in China and have or will play in the most prestigious Breton festivals : Cornouaille Festival (Quimper), Lorient Interceltic Festival and Yaouank (Rennes).

in 2018, BHT decide to made a deep dive in research and thinking back its music with the goal of doing or more electronic-style music while keeping its Breton roots and Breton dances specific rhythm.

The spirit of this new approach is to base the music on beats and sound atmosphere rather than traditional musical themes. Acoustic instruments are tweaked by effects and MIDIfied accordion allows Léo to play both acoustic and synths. Biniou (Breton pipe) and accordion now often play riffs rather than long themes / melodies.

In 2019, BHT came back to stage with a completely new repertoire.